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Developer and publisher Enhance —founded by Tetsuya Mizuguchi— since his debut he has stood out for synesthesia in his games. Proof of this is in their recent releases for PlayStation 5 from Tetris effect and REZ HD, a game that debuted on the Dreamcast and has had a presence on each of the following generations of consoles. Now, Enhance will release on May 16 Humanity, a game developed by the Japanese studio tha ltd. So in our review or Review of Humanity -a title available for PlayStation 4, PS5 and Steam- we will know if that ltd lives up to the experience that fans of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s studio are used to receiving.

Accompany, guide, understand and transcend

Humanity Review

The evolution of the human being is the main theme of Humanity and is represented with Buddhist symbolism such as the ‘manji’. Learn more about the use of ‘manji’ and its meaning in the following link. In order to bring humanity to light, we will control a Shiba inu (柴犬) dog through a series of levels that have a certain number of tests and their own requirements to unlock the next level. Each of the tests —which at the beginning serve as a game tutorial— can be approached in simple ways. However, as the game introduces us to the “Goldy”, players will have to rescue them to unlock cosmetic items, sounds, information and some passive abilities such as pausing or speeding up the movement of the characters in the game.

Humanity ReviewHumanity ReviewHumanity Review

The tests can be concluded in a simple way, the game even shows us the solution in video format in each of the story mode tests. However, to collect the “Goldy” we will have to use our imagination and think of the most appropriate solution. It is at this point where Humanity shines, in the creativity that the player has to achieve the objectives. But how do we guide humans in Humanity? In order for humanity to ascend, we will give them orders that our dog will leave on the ground. These can be arrows that indicate where to go, various types of jumps, arrows that divide the flow of people in two directions, the ability for humans to float and we can even arm our people among other actions that we will learn about throughout the game. game.

In Humanity, players must solve the puzzles with some limitations.

Humanity ReviewSome tests ask us to develop our strategy before starting the movement of humans.

Additionally, the last test of each Humanity level will ask us for a certain number of rescued “Goldys” in order to unlock it. The tests of the story mode in Humanity have different peculiarities. In some of these, players will not have all the orders available or will have a limited number of uses for the ones they have. Additionally, each scenario has particularities in the environment such as portals, spaces with water or the “Others”. These are other humans who “love” Goldy as much as we do and once we have to deal with them our humanity – thanks to competition – will begin to evolve.

Humanity ReviewMelee weapons and pistols will be our tools to face the Others.

With each level that we unlock the gameplay and the level of difficulty of the riddles or ‘puzzles’ of Humanity evolve. However, once we complete the 90 tests of the story mode -or sooner if we want- we will be ready to create and complete tests of other players in the online creative mode. This mode, as in games like Super Mario Maker 2takes us by the hand to create scenarios and we will also have a library to add our creations or mark those of other players as favorites.

Humanity has almost infinite content

In addition to the music, the human model and the appearance of our creation, we can choose the environment of our test.

Humanity’s music, without reaching the level of synesthesia that previous Enhance games reach, complies with calming and helping each step to think clearly, providing peace of mind. Added to this, Humanity’s minimalist aesthetic, which resembles the view in REZ HD, helps the player focus on what is most important, which is solving the puzzles. We, for our Humanity review or Review, tested the game on Steam and at the highest settings on graphics we never had any performance issues. Quite an achievement, since sometimes the number of elements on the screen can be overwhelming.

During the time we spent testing the game for this Humanity review/Review, we used both traditional controller and keyboard and mouse. Both types of control work well. However, it all depends on how we use the camera. Since, at all times we will have to be adjusting it to improve the angle of vision and to be able to give the order with the correct direction.

Humanity In Brief

Although Humanity isn’t inventing anything, it does manage to surprise us thanks to the freedom it offers the player to solve each of the ‘puzzles’ or riddles it has for us. Additionally, its online mode means that we always have new challenges or that we can create our own to share with the world. Perhaps, the difficulty of some ‘puzzles’ can be a barrier for some players along with how complex it is to adapt to changing the camera. However, the game itself presents us with tools so that our passage through the tests can be adjusted to our own style of play. Finally, it should be noted that Humanity will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers from day one. With this in mind, we invite you to take a look at the game developed by tha ltd that has nothing to envy to other of Enhance’s works.

Review or Review made with a digital copy for Steam of Humanity provided by Enhance. Also Visit

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