Kerry Condon’s Skeleton Crew Praise Already


  • Star Wars: Skeleton Crew will offer a unique, lighthearted coming-of-age story unlike any other in the franchise.
  • Actress Kerry Condon praises the child actors and directors, promising viewers an innocent and playful experience.
  • The show’s perspective from children aims to fulfill George Lucas’ original vision for Star Wars, breaking new ground in the galaxy.



Actress Kerry Condon’s praise of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew promises viewers that the upcoming Star Wars TV show will be unlike any they have ever seen before. While most details about Skeleton Crew still have yet to be revealed, the general story is already unique to the Star Wars galaxy, as it will primarily follow a group of children – making it the first major Star Wars property to do so. Set in The Mandalorian era, this TV show is said to be a coming-of-age story, and now Kerry Condon has shared just how good this one-of-a-kind story is.

Star Wars Skeleton Crew art and Jude Law. Related Star Wars: Skeleton Crew: Cast, Story & Everything We Know The upcoming live-action TV show, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, looks to be a fascinatingly unique Disney+ show. Here’s what’s known about it so far.

In speaking with Variety, Condon describes Skeleton Crew as “so innocent and playful and lovely,” which is already a breath of fresh air for Star Wars viewers. She accredits such praise to the child actors on the TV show, insisting that they are “kind of out-of-this-world good” and certainly rewarding to work with. Lastly, she gives a shout-out to some of the series’ directors, including The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett regular Bryce Dallas Howard.

It’s so great. I don’t even have kids, but I’d pay to see this. I loved it. I loved being on it. There was something about it that was so innocent and playful and lovely. People say don’t work with kids or animals, but I don’t know about that. And also when children are good actors, they’re kind of out-of-this-world good. So watching some of the kids’ scenes, it was amazing. Jude Law’s in it and I’ve worked with him before. But it’s really adventurous and they got such great directors for each episode – the Daniels, Bruce Dallas Howard, Lee Isaac Cheung, David Lowery. It was a pretty amazing group. And of course, Jon Watts who created the whole thing.

Skeleton Crew Will Be Unlike Anything Seen In Star Wars Before

This Lighthearted Coming-Of-Age Story Is Truly One-Of-A-Kind For The Galaxy

Star Wars Skeleton Crew concept art with the crew to the side as the jet lands

Condon’s praise only further promises Star Wars audiences that Skeleton Crew will subvert all usual Star Wars expectations in a story that’s different from any other. While all Star Wars projects have some strong thread of hope tied through their stories, many of them often go to very dark places along the way. Based on Condon’s words, it seems that Skeleton Crew will be sticking with a more lighthearted view of the galaxy, which will allow viewers to see this universe through a child’s innocent eyes.

Animated TV shows such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are often credited with being similar in the way of following younger protagonists and maintaining an overall lighter mood, but even these shows certainly have their dark moments. From key character deaths to events such as Order 66, these Star Wars shows have still drawn tears and horror from their viewers. Skeleton Crew, then, will truly fulfill a brand-new role if it manages to avoid having such dark themes amidst its overall hopefulness.

This story being told from the perspective of children accomplishes Lucas’ vision in a very special way.

Either way, Skeleton Crew is breaking new ground for Star Wars while also evoking George Lucas’ original vision for the franchise. As someone who wanted the Star Wars movies and TV shows to appeal to a family audience, this story being told from the perspective of children accomplishes his vision in a very special way. While its connections to the rest of The Mandalorian era characters and stories are still unknown, Skeleton Crew is already shaping up to be a brilliantly unique addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars Skeleton Crew Poster Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Cast Jude Law , Kerry Condon , Ryan Kiera Armstrong , Tunde Adebimpe , Ravi Cabot-Conyers , Robert Timothy Smith

Seasons 1

Streaming Service(s) Disney+

Writers Jon Watts , Christopher Ford

Directors Jon Watts , Daniel Kwan , David Lowery , Daniel Scheinert , Jake Schreier

Showrunner Jon Watts , Christopher Ford

Source: Variety

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