Nintendo Switch Surpasses 140 Million Sales

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As part of its latest financial earnings release, Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch has now sold a total of 141.32 million units since its launch in 2017.

Digging in a bit deeper, the console managed to shift a total of 15.70 million units across its three SKUs during FY2024. This is down by 12.6% compared to FY2023, during which it sold a total of 17.97 milliion units.

Let’s see how this breaks down across all three Switch variants:

Total Switch sales during FY2024 – 15.70 million
Total OG Switch sales during FY2024 – 3.86 million
Total Switch – OLED Model sales during FY2024 – 9.32 million
Total Switch Lite sales during FY2024 – 2.52 million

The question on everybody’s lips, then, is whether the Switch will manage to surpass the DS and the PS2, which stand at 154.02 million and 155 million (160 million, Jim?!) respectively. Well, Nintendo is currently forecasting sales of around 13.50 million for the Nintendo Switch in FY2025 which, if taken literally, would put the Switch at around 154.82 million.

So yeah, we think the Switch probably has it in the bag at this point – at least with the DS. Even if it doesn’t manage the milestone in FY2025, we can easily foresee a near-future in which Nintendo continues to sell the Switch alongside the eventual successor.

Here’s a look at how the Switch is currently faring against Nintendo’s other major hardware:

Sales (millions)



Game Boy


Game Boy Advance


Family Computer / NES

Super Family Computer / SNES



Wii U

Switch SalesImage: Nintendo

Of course, what will likely have an impact on Switch sales going forward is Nintendo’s public acknowledgement of the console’s successor. In a post on X, President Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the next-gen hardware would be announced “this fiscal year”, while confirming that no information would be shared during an upcoming Nintendo Direct in June.

What do you make of the Switch’s current sales? Do you think it will manage to surpass the DS and PS2 this fiscal year? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.


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