How Food Firm Cargill has made Big

Global reach: Cargill’s eco-energy tapestry

Cargill’s green energy tapestry is global, adorned with 15 projects running live across a dozen nations. This includes wind and solar PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and VPPAs (Virtual Power Purchase Agreements), alongside deals for renewable electricity and the companion renewable energy credits for set periods.

As these new deals spring to life this year, the outcome is a projected cut in Cargill’s CO₂e emissions by close to 820,000 metric tonnes annually. This is equivalent to withdrawing nearly 200,000 petrol-driven cars from the roads for a year.

“Integrating renewable projects into our supply chain and operations is part of our sustainable practice weave,” continued Christina. “While the bulk of our emissions reduction opportunity lies within global supply chains, cutting back on operational emissions is crucial in our voyage to decarbonise the food and agriculture sector, aligning with our and our customers’ climate aspirations.”

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